Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama's chance

The State of the Union(SotU) address is tonight and President Obama has the world's attention.

Obama can take the stage tonight and lead the world not only the United States out of the economical funk we have all found ourselves in.  When Obama assumed the Presidency he inherited a world of pain on a vast number complex  fronts.  Whether one agrees with every policy decision that our government has chosen, you must acknowledge we didn't return to a global depression that many were calling for and we found some footing.

Its been two years of slow stabilization but we as a country find ourselves at yet another crossroad.  The giant sucking sound of capital leaving this country and going to the BRIC countries must be slowed.  If we don't acknowledge the problems (Fiscal)there is a risk that we will forever lose our position as the global leader.  We will be mere puppets of the engines of growth around the globe. One way it could be eased is by President Obama to use (SotU) to speak up and say we now there is a fiscal problem in this country and we are going to meet the challenge head on.  We must ensure the greatness of this country.  I hope not only for my position but for my kids chances in this global economy that he takes action and says the Buck stops here.

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