Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its impossible to be perfect

I have two passions in my life, trading and golf.

I am completely addicted to both to the point that my wife questions where she ranks in the order of my passions.  While I have found a way to make a living from trading, I consider myself a hack in golf.  Truth be told I am much better than most at golf, but a 16 handicap is nothing special(loving every minute thou). I love to get on the course for a few hours and forget all my issues.  Generally I find golf to be the perfect release from my daily trading routine. The fact that I will never break par is fine by me.  Just like the fact I will never be a mega trader. I do have a hole in one that I can vividly recreate in my mind just like a few home runs I have hit trading. The two activities are quite different physically but the mental aspects are shockingly similar. Lets take a look at a few.

1. Ninety percent of the people will never be any good.
2. Most people quit after realizing it will be hard.
3. The most difficult part of each is the mental aspect
4. Its not the tools you use, but the carpenter who executes the actions.
5. There is no such thing as perfection
6. Emotions determine the outcomes
7. Both are streaky
8. Having a game plan is essential
9. Practice is vital
10. It helps to be lucky sometimes
11. Have to adapt to unforeseen events
12. Over confidence is dangerous
13. Both can be expensive
14. Predominately male
15. Simplicity is usual the best
16. A deep breath will always help
17. Both can be done for a lifetime
18. Greed will cost you
19. There are many ways to achieve success
20. You can talk endlessly about them

I am sure there are many more similarities but I need to go and grab a beer.

The Evolving Trader

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